Organizers and accessories compatible with Gloomhaven™
Additional dividers
This listing is for additional dividers only. Please select a game, color and quantity in the listing options. Additional divider are available for the following inserts: 7 Wonders; Agricola (pre 2016 edition); Agricola Revised Edition (after 2016); Betrayal at House on the Hill; Catan; ..
Gloom Tavern Player Tray for Gloomhaven or Frosthaven with Forgotten Circles by Gaming Trunk
Player tray is an optional addon for Gloom Tavern insert or Frost Tavern insert. It holds player pieces in a convenient tray with a clear lid. Similar trays are included to our insert for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. This listing is for one player tray. If you want to get more than one tray si..
Gloom Tavern Organizer for Gloomhaven™ by Gaming Trunk
Frosthaven update: we will release an insert for Frosthaven as soon as the game is released. Most likely the insert will be very similar to Gloom Tavern but with some tweaks to fit new components. Gloom Tavern organizer is the perfect solution to store the components of Gloomhaven and the Gloom..
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