Organizers and accessories compatible with Splendor board game

Splendor Trunk by Gaming Trunk
$59.95 CAD
This Splendor Trunk is designed to accommodate the Splendor board game. This Trunk fits only components of the base game. Product Features: - Accommodates the deck of unsleeved cards and tokens - Made of high quality 1/8" stained birch plywood - Easy to lock and unlock - This box weighs ..
Splendor Trunk for Splendor and Nobles Promo Tiles by Gaming Trunk
Splendor Trunk is compatible with Splendor and Nobles Promo Tiles Board Game. It fits components of the core game and Nobles promo tiles only. The Trunk is tested with thin sleeves (40 mkm). If you use premium sleeves please make sure that the total height of the card deck is lower than 50 mm...
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