Organizers and accessories compatible with the Altiplano™ board game
Alpaca box - replacement for the Altiplano™ containers by Gaming Trunk
The Alpaca boxes are compatible with the Altiplano™ board game. They are intended to replace the original containers. This listing includes a set of five Alpaca boxes in each of the player colors - black, yellow, red, green, and blue. The price is for a set of five boxes. ******************..
Alpaca Organizer Revision 2 for Altiplano by Gaming Trunk
Alpaca organizer  Revision 2  is the perfect solution to store the components of Altiplano and Altiplano: The Traveler expansion conveniently in the original box. This organizer fits:  Altiplano;   Altiplano: The Traveler;  GeekUp Bit Set (revision 2.1 of the organizer);  Altiplano ..
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